There are a few foods that just scream summer. Grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, coleslaw and potato salad, anything from the ice cream truck and corn on the cob.

My family loves corn on the cob and serve it at every summer get together. It is not unusual for there to be 20 people at one of our gatherings.

That’s a lot of corn on the cob.

And no one wants to be stuck inside watching pots of boiling corn while everyone is outside enjoying themselves.

In the past, we have used outdoor turkey fryers to cook our corn but having open flames and boiling water around  lots of children, makes me incredibly nervous.

Enter, Cooler Corn.

Place all your shucked, clean corn in a clean, BPA free cooler.

Carefully pour enough boiling water over the corn to cover.

Close the cooler lid and secure.

30 minutes later, your corn will be ready to serve and will stay stay hot in the closed cooler for a couple of hours.

A simple way to have a favorite summer food without the hassle.



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