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Gluten is the combination of two protein groups: gliadin and glutenin. When these proteins are combined, they form gluten. Gluten is found naturally in some grains and is often added to commercially processed foods.

The good news is that there are so many delicious foods that do not contain gluten, you will never have to feel deprived. We have developed the list below for you. While we try to include as many non-gluten foods as we are able, it is possible that we have missed some items.

This list pertains to the items purchased by you. When eating at restaurants, remember to tell your waiter upfront about being gluten free. Flour and seasonings that are often added to restaurant meals, may contain gluten. Ask questions regarding additives and preparation space. Many gluten reactions come from cross contamination.

Always, always read labels. From our own personal experience, we have found that the closer a food is to its natural and organic state, the better off you will be. We always live by the rule of thumb-when in doubt, leave it out.

Gluten Free Foods

  • All fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Eggs
  • Beans – Dried or canned. Most are safe but check labels for additives
  • Beef – Fresh, with no seasonings
  • Butter – Check for additives
  • Cheese – Most but check for additives
  • Coconut – shredded, water, oil
  • Dairy – Fresh, plain dairy, check labels for flavorings
  • Nuts – Raw, any types, check labels
  • Pork – fresh, with no seasonings
  • Potatoes – all types, fresh with no seasonings
  • Poultry – Fresh, with no seasonings
  • Rice – Brown, white and wild
  • Seafood – fresh, with no seasonings-not battered
  • Seeds – Sesame, Sunflower, Pine
  • Spices – pure, check for additives
  • Sugars – Granulated, Brown, Turbinado (Raw), Powdered
  • Tofu
  • Vinegars – Balsamic, Rice Wine, Apple Cider. Malt Vinegar is said to be gluten free due to the distillation process, but I avoid anything with Malt.
  • Wine

Download Gluten Free Food List